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Since 2001, WADOT Capital Inc. has provided mortgage brokers, and real estate investors, with a direct and reliable source of funding for collateral-based residential and commercial real estate loans in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We specialize in funding "quick close" real estate loans to Individuals, Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, Trusts and other legal business entities. Whether dealing with a construction finish up loan in Bellevue, a large lot subdivision in Bonners Ferry, or pulling cash out of a 1750 acre dry land wheat farm in Pendleton, as a direct private money lender, mortgage brokers, real estate investors and business owners, are able to discuss their loan scenario directly with a decision maker for immediate feedback. With over 35 years of combined experience, we provide unmatched expertise in customizing a loan structure to meet your specific funding requirements with minimal documentation.

WADOT is fully staffed for fast, direct and friendly customer service. We understand that our emphasis on a high level of customer service to mortgage brokers and their clients has been paramount to our success. From initial underwriting to loan servicing, we provide excellent service to both the broker and the borrower. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships.

For additional information or to discuss a loan scenario, please call our office at 206.362.4444 (toll free: 866.923.6860) or email us at


Guidelines? Yes.
Exceptions, Of Course!

Sure we have guidelines... but here are a few good deals that didn't fit and we funded anyway! Click for more information.

Now offering improved pricing for shorter term loans.

Specializing in bank REO purchase / rehab financing, spec construction and "non-bankable" loan scenarios.

- No Prepayment Penalty Standard

- WADOT Underwriting (No credit, income, or asset requirements)

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